“Laura is an incredible healer and a compassionate, kind, and supportive individual. After having worked with her for almost a month now, I am seeing such positive results that I never thought were possible through acupuncture. She has given me powerful tools each week that have helped me tremendously in overcoming my anxiety, MDD, and stress. Laura provides an environment of comfort and ease during each session. Thanks to her, I am off medications and feeling a true sense of well-being, which is something I have not felt in a long time. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you so much, Laura!” L.B., 2016

“I came to Laura for treatment of insomnia that I have experienced my entire life. Her gentle and non-judgmental demeanor immediately put me at ease. After about two months of consistent treatment, I have benefited from noticeable improvements in my sleep that in turn resonated in other positive ways in terms of my focus, patience, and general sense of calm. I have already referred several friends and colleagues to Laura in hopes she might help them as she has helped me.” D.W., 2016

“Laura, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed being your client these past few weeks.  It’s amazing what a big impact your skills have had on me.  I feel great. Thank you.”  M.F., 2016

“Laura is an amazing, intuitive healer who I highly recommend for anyone seeking to feel better and let go of that which no longer serves you.” K.D., 2016

“I had been suffering  from acute pain in my lower back and hip which made it difficult to walk more than a few steps at time. After the first treatment, the inflammation disappeared within 12 hours and I was able to walk much more easily and with greatly reduced pain. After the second treatment, my pain was soon gone and I could walk and bend without holding back. Thank you so much, Laura, for helping me resume my busy life! ” M. T., 2015

“I’ve had five sessions with Laura, and can’t say enough positive things about her. Her treatments have not only reduced the pain that resulted in my initial visit, but have also had a huge impact on my overall well being. Her warmth and compassion make her easy to open up to and trust, and I could tell from the get-go that she had a genuine desire to support me in all aspects of my healing and growth. I’d highly recommend her to anyone, and especially to folks who are new to acupuncture, as her gentle, comforting presence is sure to allay any fears you might have.” W.J., 2015

“While in Washington DC, I saw Laura because I was having bad cramps in my legs that would wake me up regularly in the middle of the night.  I am literally amazed that after only two sessions my cramps have not returned (it has been a month!). I am extremely satisfied with my results, will return to Laura and will, with confidence, recommend her services to others.” S.R., 2015

“I would highly recommend Laura as an acupuncturist. Laura has a calming presence which allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable during each session. She is extremely attentive and listens to your concerns or areas that you would like to focus on before each session. She has a natural ability with a deep sense of knowledge to facilitate a healing treatment specifically for you as a patient. After each acupuncture treatment Laura always has a loving suggestion or a beautiful recommendation to further your personal path of health and well being. Laura is a highly skilled and effective acupuncturist who I highly recommend.” L.C. 2015

“Acupuncturist Laura is simply amazing! For several years I have received effective treatments and relief from Laura for a variety of issues ranging from insomnia to sinusitis. I was simultaneously dealing with tendonitis and acid reflux and after several treatments I was able to safely stop taking acid reflux medication (linked to osteoporosis). And, I have had no recurrences. I have successfully used acupuncture to control, reduce, and eliminate various joint pain, e.g. shoulder and knee pain in a short period of time. During our sessions we discuss various lifestyle changes that can contribute to restoring balance and thus lead to good health. Having positively experienced acupuncture treatments, I periodically check in for “tune ups” to improve my quality of life.” C. Z., 2014

“I am so grateful to have had acupuncture treatments from Laura. Laura understands the stressful and tiring life that a mother experiences and how I need help to regain my balance. She always listened attentively to my issues (and venting) and explained what she could do to help. Her calming presence always relaxes me, even before she starts her treatments. I love that I always feel centered and peaceful after our sessions.” L.F., 2014

“I seek treatment  from Laura time and again to make major, challenging decisions, to find the lights and the paths necessary to break out of unhealthy cycles, to feel whole when I have felt broken, and to simply feel human and happy and connected to the source, to what truly matters.” J.F., 2013

“As a 64 year old “baby boomer” I have experienced many sleepless nights over the past few years and never wanted to use drugs to help induce sleep. A dear friend told me that acupuncture was a great help in dealing with insomnia and referred me to Laura Rose. Although I had some natural anxiety about having needles used to help balance my system, Laura’s calming, sweet and professional demeanor quickly put me at ease. After an initial treatment and a few “tune ups” my chronic insomnia is completely gone and whenever I experience an occasional sleepless night I just call Laura for another “tune up”. I would unconditionally recommend acupuncture to all my friends who forget what a “sound deep sleep” feels like. And I would unconditionally recommend Laura Rose to provide the caring treatment. ” C.R., 2011

“I had been suffering from migraine headaches for about a year when I sought out Laura Rose for acupuncture treatment.  She was always very professional and took time to listen to my concerns and current issues.  Then, she would listen to my body (take my pulses) and begin the treatment.  While Laura was treating me, she would always explain the purpose of treatment and what she was going to do.  Over the course of treatment, my headaches were reduced significantly. Then, my husband and I decided to have a baby. Laura did a few special treatments on me and I was able to get pregnant within a few months of starting to try. I am truly grateful for the time Laura and I spent together.” D.M., 2010

“I always questioned acupuncture before receiving treatment and did not really understand how it worked. After meeting Laura we decided acupuncture could help with my back problems.  Being a hygienist, I am hunched over people all day.  I tried chiropractic therapy, massage therapy and physical therapy but the pain always seemed to come back when therapy was finished.  I never knew how in depth acupuncture was. I was asked many questions that I did not think were linked with my back pain.  I learned through acupuncture that my back pain was not just physical but also was linked to stress. After treatments I would practice my breathing and learn to relax more.  I also had an addiction to caffeine which I have gotten much better at. I cut out Red Bull completely and have coffee every now and then.  The treatments continued to help me with my back pain and to control my stress.  We decided it was time to stop frequent treatment, coming in only when I needed to. I haven’t needed to come back as I haven’t had the same issues with my back since completing treatment.  A big thank you to Laura Rose for taking such good care of me! I recommend acupuncture to everyone now.” M.P., 2009